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The King's Craftsmen is a full service custom hardwood floor shop. You name it, we probably do it.


We offer expert installation of hardwood floors of just about any type. From exotic tigerwood to traditional oak. And from wide plank to intricate inlays, we can get it done right.


The King's Craftsmen specializes in the refinishing of hardwood floors. With patient craftsmanship we restore your old floor to like new condition. Often times making them look better than they ever did. We only use professional grade stains and finishes. This, along with quality craftsmanship greatly improves the look and longevity of your floor. We refinish many types of flooring including pre-finished (or factory finished) flooring, and cork flooring.


A recoat will keep your floors looking new and will provide a protective coating to preserve the wood. Your floor needs to be regularly re-coated with polyurethane or other suitable material by a professional to avoid damaging your floor. The coating on your floor protects the wood beneath. Please do not wax your floor without consulting a professional. This out-dated method can damage your floor. There are much better ways to treat a floor.

Recoating is recommended every 2-6 years depending on wear. Each home is different. The time to re-coat is determined by the type of traffic that the floor gets, the type of finish used, and the type of wood. Pets' nails will damage the floor-s coating faster than anything, so pet owners need re-coats the most.

IN GENERAL we recommend a re-coat every:
2-3 years with pets
3-5 years with kids
5-6 years with adults only

Re-coats are usually a one day project and not very expensive.